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Sonia Gutiérrez

Sonia Gutiérrez is the recipient of the Tomás Rivera Book Award 2021, the International Latino Book Awards 2022 and 2023, including the Book into Movie Award for her novel, Dreaming with Mariposas (FlowerSong Press, 2020). Sonia Gutiérrez is also the author of Spider Woman / La Mujer Araña (Olmeca Press, 2013) and the coeditor of The Writer’s Response (Cengage Learning, 2016). She teaches English composition, critical thinking and writing, and creative writing. Presently, she is working on her first illustrated book, The Adventures of a Burrito Flying Saucer, and her poetry collection, Sana Sana Colita de Rana: Poems to Not Perish. She lives in the Californias. 


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Paper Birds: Feather by Feather / Pájaros de papel: Pluma por pluma

Paper Birds: Feather by Feather / Pájaros de papel: Pluma por pluma is a bilingual poetry collection, in English and Spanish, by the recipient of the Tomás Rivera Book Award Sonia Gutiérrez, with translations by Francisco Bustos.


"Sonia Gutiérrez's poems dive into the blue/turquoise feathers of life along the border, within the cultural waves of Raza tumult and celebration; her poems strike the bone like drumsticks. These poems pat the heart like a mother's loving hand, lock arms with sisters and brothers like a fellow guerillista, she sings from the blood like the ocean waves the shore, she spirals her poetic magic until transformation occurs, and we are changed-bravo!"

—Jimmy Santiago Baca, author of No Enemies: Poems

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Sonia Gutiérrez's Dreaming with Mariposas, written in a Tomás Rivera and Sandra Cisneros bildungsroman vignette style, recounts the story of the Martínez family as told through the eyes of transfronteriza/transboundary Sofía Martínez, “Chofi,” Francisco and Helena’s daughter, as well as multiple narrators, emulating oral tradition. The novel embraces food as a communal practice with the ability to heal a family through storytelling. Dreaming with Mariposas presents glimpses of poetic diction in times of anti-rhetoric, inspiring readers to reclaim their sacred spaces and voices and to pursue dreams even when the future looks dismal. Chofi witnesses institutional racism, sexual harassment, and colorism and learns to navigate her parents’ dreams and her dreams as she discovers her superpower, the strength of her Mexican Indigenous heritage, and the spirit world.

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Sonia Gutiérrez's debut poetry collection. Now out of print. 



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