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“Matthew ‘Cuban’ Hernandez’s poems are an anthem of resilience. He writes about grief with unflinching tenderness and reverence. In a world that doesn’t often give men the opportunity to be flawed and vulnerable, Hernandez offers a masterclass in being human. He describes himself as having an unquenchable thirst for love, and in All Brown Boys Get Trumpets, the reader will also embrace this beautiful thirst. Matthew Hernandez has lovingly used this poetry collection to teach Brown Boys to master flight one jump at a time, a calling for all of us misfits to soar.”


—Yesika Salgado, author of Corazón, Tesoro, and Hermosa


“Matthew ‘Cuban’ Hernandez is the kind of writer who makes you want to live bigger. You'll be going about your day and something will remind you of a poem of his and the moment will exponentially expand through the lens of his words. I'm grateful for his perspective, his extraordinary ability to articulate it, and this new collection of little windows into his world, and in turn, ours as well.”


—JP Saxe, Grammy nominated singer songwriter


“All Brown Boys Get Trumpets is such a gift. Like a tapestry, the poems seamlessly interweave threads of childhood and identity, blessings, and folklore, hopes and regrets. Never before has a book felt more like an heirloom to me--something hard-earned and sunkissed and meant to be cherished.”


—Sierra DeMulder, internationally-acclaimed author, poet, healer and host of podcast "Just break up"


“Matthew Cuban has always been and will always be a poet among the people.”


—G YAMAZAWA, Japanese-American writer, performer, and hip hop artist

All Brown Boys Get Trumpets by Matthew 'Cuban' Hernandez

Expected to ship in 4-5 weeks
  • 5.5 x 8.5 Novella

    126 pages

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